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"Allan Parachini built me two custom alder kitchen tables of the exact right size and shape that I ordered. He finished ahead of schedule and charged a very reasonable and fair price. The work was of high quality and the tables are stable and look beautiful. He was extremely pleasant & easy to work with. He communicated with me frequently concerning both the design and the construction of the tables. He fully lived up to his commitment and delivered the tables to me personally. I give him a 5-star rating."

—Client from Chico, CA, November, 2011

"We love the beautiful oak and walnut coffee table that Allan made for us. It sits in our family room where it gets a lot of (not so dainty) use and yet it still looks polished and gorgeous. It's an earthy piece with surprisingly modern lines and unique characteristics. But what makes it really special to me is his use of reclaimed wood: a beautiful oak sapling (otherwise destined for the green bins), which he dried for a year and then cut down the middle to keep the natural curves of the trunk. We also have one of Allan's cherry cutting boards, which gets daily use and stands out like a piece of art in our kitchen."

—Client from Brentwood, CA, December, 2011

"I asked Allan to create an oddly shaped desk for a specific location in my house. Given that task—with the unique dimensions provided—he produced a stunning piece of furniture. It frequently gets comments from friends regarding the combination of woods and the detailing of the piece!"

—Client from Newbury Park, CA, 2010

"Allan made a small, wall-mounted cabinet for my necklaces that makes it possible to systematize and organize my necklaces and bracelets and readily access them. The case is strikingly elegant and includes koa and zebrawood. I love the fact that the door panels are made with woods salvaged from forklift pallets. Mirrors inside the doors make it easy for me to add my accessories as I dress each morning. He listened carefully to what I wanted and exceeded my expectations with a beautiful and functional piece that I can't live without!

—Client in Pasadena, CA, 2010

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